My Hero Academia Chapter 221 Spoilers, Raw Scans And Release Date

A splendid chapter of My Hero Academia came out this past week and My Hero Academia 221 is up ahead. The series is becoming better and better with every week. We all have loved the first three chapters of My Hero Academia arc until now, and we really wish that Horikoshi carries on the same way.

There have been many troubles he faced in relation to his health, but whatsoever bit he comes up with has been most likely good recently. In last chapter of My Hero Academia, we came to know about Gigantomachia and the way he came across the league. We will discuss the following My Hero Academia here in the article. So let us begin:

My Hero Academia Chapter 221

So, before we get started, we want to notify you that this may contain some spoilers from the My Hero Academia 221. In case you are ignoring any spoilers, we suggest you to stop here. But if spoilers don’t affect you, we can begin here.

My Hero Academia 221: Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 221 Spoilers

The next My Hero Academia chapter we will see result of the showdown. We believe that Gigantomachia will take down the League of Villains and most likely, the villains will struggle against him. But then, this could be a setup where he might be on the League’s side. Shigaraki has to bust out something that claims him a capable leader.

But until now, he hasn’t done anything like that. Once he’s done, Gigantomachia will follow him that the Villains will get some great power. We still don’t know if there exists a Hero who can take him down at the moment, so he would be a mighty boost for all of them.

However, if we get back to the present, we will see what the League of Villain who got held will be revealed to the heroes. We’d like to know if the Quick Liberation Army went out of Giran and also about their next step. However, Chapter 221 will answer these questions. And well, we just can’t wait.

My Hero Academia 221: Release Date

Chapter 221 of My Hero Academia comes out on 25th March.

My Hero Academia 221: Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans will be out on 22nd March.