My Hero Academia 221 chapter is all set to release soon. Chapter 220 of My Hero Academia was good and we all enjoyed going through it. The recent chapter is also spectacularly delivered to us by Horikoshi and we want him to carry on likewise. Titled as “My Villain Academia”, Chapter 220 of My Hero Academia gave fans a look at the life of Villains.

My Hero Academia 221 chapter: Story So Far

My Hero Academia Chapter 221 Story so far

Fans haven’t eyed much of it since the whole arc of Gentle Criminal began, which came as refreshing for all readers who wanted some villain action. Readers have seen them going against Gigantomachia, and it looks like they aren’t doing too well.

This post will discuss Chapter 221 of My Hero Academia but before we start, we’d like to let you know that this article may have some spoilers so if you are avoiding them, we advise you to go no further. But if the spoilers are fine with you, let’s begin.

My Hero Academia Chapter 221: Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 221 Spoilers

One fact looks clear, and that is, Gigantomachia will soon side the villains as he wants that Shigaraki proves himself as worthy of being All for One’s successor.

It’s also certain that Shigaraki will manage to make Gigantomachia believe that he is worthy. This may happen in the upcoming chapter and if that occurs, we may see League of Villains returning to threaten everyone in the city. With Gigantomachia’s support and the Doctor’s financial backing, they will be back.

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Official Synopsis:

We are still on the flashback in My Hero Academia and we can see everyone unable to keep up well. It looks like the Doctor is having a conversation to them about his relation to All for One and Gigantomachia. Apart from devoting all he had to All For One, he still isn’t very confident about Shigaraki’s abilities.

Doctor also has a conversation with the League and reveals that he is Daruma Ujiko. He adds that he was the one to invite Shigaraki out of sheer respect towards All for one.

He believes that Shigaraki needs to prove himself why he deserves the mantle of All for One.

The next chapter of My Hero Academia looks fine but we don’t believe it will be as good as you might expect. There’s not much of development but let’s just hope for the best.

My Hero Academia Chapter 221: Release Date

Chapter 221 of My Hero Academia comes out on 25th March.

Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans will be out on 22nd March.