MLB Trade Deals New York Mets Zack Wheeler

New York Mets were considered the top sellers in the MLB free agency a few days ago, and while everybody assumed that their pitcher Zack Wheeler would be one of the first trade deals that the Mets would make, that never happened.

The trade deadline ended and Mets ended up buying Marcus Stroman without trading out any of their star pitchers. In order to acquire Stroman, Mets gave Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods-Richardson, their 4th and 6th prospects to the Toronto Blue Jays. The other notable star in the Mets is Noah Syndergaard who is fully confident that he won’t be moved out of New York. It leaves us with none other than Zack Wheeler was rumored to be traded in the starting days of trade deals.

Even after the trade deadline period, the Mets have not traded out their pitcher. Here are the reasons why the New York Mets are not trading out Wheeler.

Wheeler takes 7-Game in a Row

MLB Trade Deals New York Mets Seven Games

Zack Wheeler was quick enough to convince Mets about not trading him anytime soon just after the day of the trade deadline. In their game against the Chicago White Sox, Wheeler did a fantastic job and took the Mets to victory. He was pitching the ball so good and crisp, the hitters of the White Sox were barely able to touch it.

In a one-sided game, Wheeler took the Mets to win at 4-o against the team of Chicago. The victory made the Mets win 7 games in a row, and they hope to continue their streak. There is no way that the Mets don’t extend Wheeler’s contract after his last pitching spell.

Wild Card Spot is now Possible

MLB Trade Deals New York Mets Wild Card Spot

New York Mets were once at 46-55 and have no foreseeable future in the next stage of MLB games. At that time, Wheeler had an ERA of 4.45, and there was no sense in keeping him any longer. MLB free agency trade deadline was just a few days away, and the Mets would have traded Wheeler to the Yankees or the Braves.

Mickey Callaway, the manager of the Mets, showed faith in Wheeler and decided to give him a shot. The result is now evident as the Mets won 7 games in a row and now are at 52-55. Due to this, the Mets are now just trailing behind 7 MLB teams to have a shot at the wild card spot.

Trio of Stroman-Wheeler-Syndergaard

MLB Trade Deals New York Mets Zack Wheeler Power Trio

Noah Syndergaard and Zack Wheeler are two of the best pitchers in MLB right now, and both belong to the New York Mets. As the Mets have also added Marcus Stroman, it would make them the strongest pitching bullpen.

The starting pitchers of the Mets have an ERA of around 2.22 which is way less than any other team. The power trio of Stroman-Wheeler-Syndergaard is unbeatable and barely any hitters can see the ball. There is no way the Mets would break this trio and trade out Wheeler to some other teams.

Mets vs. Yankees

Mets vs Yankees

New York Yankees are one of the most popular rivals of the Mets as they both belong to the same city. While the Yankees are at the top of the league table, the Mets have just 5 percent chance of making it to the playoffs. The Yankees were pretty much interested in Zack Wheeler, and there is no way the Mets would trade him out.

It has been more than 15 years, and the Mets and Yankees have not made a single high profile exchange. Yankees are kind of lacking in starting pitchers, and the Mets had no intention of giving a valuable Wheeler to them. The Mets giving any of their players to the Yankees is a complicated thing to happen.

Future Deals for Wheeler

MLB Trade Deals New York Mets Zack Wheeler Future Deals

Zack Wheeler was not traded, and the trade deadline is over, there are no August waivers this year. It means the Mets will keep Wheeler for at least a few months unless they don’t make it to the playoffs. The important question that remains is whether the Mets trade him after that or extend his contract.

Zack has been a great help to them, and even if they miss the wild card spot, the next series will be just a few months away. Wheeler has very good chemistry with the team, and they also need him on the field. It will be stupid of the Mets to trade him without thinking of their future in MLB.