MLB Trade New York Mets Marcus Stroman Deal Yankees

New York Mets have hijacked the MLB trade deals by signing in Marcus Stroman for a very low price. Toronto Blue Jays were happy to give out Stroman in exchange for the prospects Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson from the Mets team. While the deal may or may not be beneficial to the Mets, the Yankees are surely going to suffer from it.

Even though the Yankees are doing good in the current season with chances of World Series, they kind of lack in pitchers area. The Yankees wanted Stroman and other pitchers, but the Mets have foiled all of their plans. Here is why Marcus Stroman making a deal with the Mets can cause huge trouble for the Yankees.

Pitchers Market is now Expensive

MLB Trade New York Mets Marcus Stroman Deal YankeesPitchers gets Expensive

The Mets deal with Marcus Stroman has created shockwaves in the entire MLB free agency, and the results are in effect already. Mike Minors, who was on the radar of various teams, will now be traded for a much higher price. Robbie Ray from the Arizona Diamondbacks is also on the list, but the same thing can happen again.

Cleveland Indians were already asking for a high price for Trevor Bauer and now they may raise it further. The Mets have further created more tension by holding on to Noah Syndergaard as the trade deadline is getting closer.

Yankees have not closed any Deals

No Deals for Yankees

New York Yankees were trying to get starting pitchers for their team since the MLB free agency started. Still, they have not closed any deal and not acquired any of the names. Madison Bumgarner, Zack Wheeler, Edwin Diaz, Noah Syndergaard, etc. are on the trade radar for the Yankees.

The Giants might not trade out Bumgarner despite they have a very thin chance of moving it to the next stage. The trade deadline is just a few hours away, and the Yankees needs to act fast. It seems like the Mets, and other teams don’t want them to get any starters so that they drop out in the league table.