MLB Trade Rumours Yankees Marcus Stroman Trade Deal

New York Yankees are currently at the top of their game in MLB and have a shot at the next title. The Yankees have a solid bullpen and the only thing they lack are the starting pitchers. It is not like the Yankees don’t have any starters, the thing is most of them are recovering from injuries. Marcus Stroman is one of those names who were on the radar of Yankees since the beginning of MLB free agency.


But their same town rivals, New York Mets managed to acquire Stroman in a cheap exchange deal from the Toronto Blue Jays. Although the deal is done, there is still time before the trade deadline window closes. The Yankees needs to come up with a quick and lucrative offer and make the Stroman deal urgently before it’s too late.

Stroman Prefers Yankees over the Mets

Stroman Prefers Yankees

Marcus Stroman was born in New York City and always wanted to play for the local team. It is a known fact that the Yankees are far more popular and efficient as compared to the Mets. Hence, Stroman also wanted to play for Yankees once he gets the chance.

Marcus is happy to be back in the Big Apple once again, staying close to home, but things would have been a lot different if it was Yankees, instead of the Mets. The biggest problem is that Stroman is under team control until 2020 and will become a free agent after the next season. The only thing possible is that the Mets and Yankees work out a trade or Stroman have to wait one more year to be a part of the Yankees.

Yankees needs Pitchers to win the MLB Title

Yankees needs Pitchers

The Yankees are having a tough time signing for the starting pitchers as other MLB teams are too stubborn for a trade deal. Madison Bumgarner from San Francisco Giants is the top priority for the Yankees team right now. The Giants are still not clear whether they will trade their best pitcher or extend his contract further.

The Mets are also sitting on a pile of pitchers to be traded soon. Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard also on the radar list of Yankees and they are ready to give out their young prospects for a deal. Deivi Garcia at No. 3, Trevor Stephan at No. 8 and Chance Adams at No. 19 form a lucrative exchange deal.