MLB trade rumours New York Yankees Trevor Bauer Marcus Stroman

New York Yankees is doing great as a team in MLB and yet it is missing something out. They defeated their opponent Minnesota Twins for the second time in the 3 game series and are at top of American League standings.

At the same, the ongoing MLB series matches have also established Yankees as a playoff contender. But it also revealed their lack of proper starting pitchers.

The Twins hitters scored a lot of home runs and none of the Yankees starting pitchers were able to give up less than 6 earned runs. The Yankees can improve a lot if they have an experienced pitcher who can start the game for them. The free agency deadline is just a few days away and New York team badly needs starters. Here are the possible free agency deals of Yankees with Trevor Bauer and Marcus Stroman.

Trevor Bauer – Cleveland Indians

New York Yankees trade deal MLB Free agency pitcher Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer was not in the trade deals until now, but with the recent victory of Indians, it has changed. Cleveland Indians are now just two games away to be at the top spot in AL central line and also lead the wild card spot. Bauer is in amazing form and the Indians knows that it is best to deal him this time and get the best return.

The Yankees are always in persuasion of Bauer and have a direct competition with Philadelphia Phillies. To trade in Bauer won’t be easy as the Indians would ask for future prospects in exchange, if the Yankees are ready to risk that, a deal can be made then.

Marcus Stroman – Toronto Blue Jays

New York Yankees trade deal MLB Free agency pitcher Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman, on the other hand, is easily available as his team, Toronto Blue Jays are far behind in the league. Blue Jays are currently trailing behind 20 games and there is no way they can be a playoff contender in 2020. The team knows that Stroman will hit the free agency next year and it is better to deal with him now and have some fresh players.

The fact that Stroman is only 28 years old matters a lot as he can sign long term deals. The Yankees will try their best for Marcus and the Toronto might agree for a deal if given enough money.