New York Yankees Trade Rumors Trevor Bauer, Marcus Stroman

The New York Yankees is already preparing for the upcoming 2019 basketball World series. The trade deals will start from July 31, which gives the Yankees around 40 days to decide the player list. The Yankees have already gotten the US home run leader Edwin Encarnacion, and now they want more big names to win the upcoming Major League Baseball (MLB) tournament.

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A lot of reports are linking big MLB names with the New York team, as the trade deadline is getting near. While some of the names in the list can’t be acquired by the Yankees, others are a perfect fit. Here are the player details which NY Yankees are trying to get and which are actually possible to get.

Top Players are not Available

New York Yankees Trade Rumors Trevor Bauer Marcus Stroman

Max Scherzer is the top choice for the Yankees for which they are ready to pay a lot of money, but the deal won’t be possible. It seems that the Washington Nationals are not interested in trading him, as he is their top player. While the NY Yankees are also trying to get Zack Wheeler, it is very less likely that New York Mets agrees to sell him to their cross-town rivals.

Even the chances to get Mike Minor are very low, as the Texas Rangers doesn’t want to lose their wild-card spot. Matthew Boyd from Detroit Tigers and Madison Bumgarner from San Francisco Giants are ready for the trade, but given their high price, it is less likely that the Knicks will make the deal.

Bauer and Stroman makes sense

Bauer Stroman New York Yankees Trade Rumors

It leaves the New York Yankees to go with the next possible names in the list to be picked up for their team. Trevor Bauer from Cleveland Indians and Marcus Stroman from Toronto Blue Jays are the top pitchers possible to join the Yankees team. Cleveland doesn’t have that much good performance last year and even the Toronto team are low on money.

Both the players have good career stats and won’t be that expensive. It will make a lot of sense for the New York Yankees to make a bid for them before the July 31 deadline.