The New York Yankees are looking for a solid starting pitcher in the MLB free agency. The deadline of July 31 is only a week away and the Yankees needs to react fast if they want a deal. With each day, the list of potential targets for the Yankees is getting smaller and smaller.

Madison Bumgarner and Will Smith from the San Francisco Giants were a top priority for the Yankees but the owner doesn’t want to give them so easily. The next names that the Yankees wants to sign are always in trade rumors and a deal looks difficult. Matthew Boyd from the Tigers and Zack Wheeler from the Mets could be offered a deal by the Yankees.

Matthew Boyd – Detroit Tigers

MLB Trade Rumors Matthew Boyd

Matthew Boyd is available in the free agency market and a trade deal can be made. The only problem here is that the Detroit Tigers might ask for such a high price, it becomes impractical to make a deal. The way Tigers have dealt with their recent players, a deal for Boyd won’t happen so easily.

The 28 years old pitcher Boyd is under team contract till the year 2022. He has an average 2.8 WAR and fifth with 152 strikeouts and ranks among the top ten pitchers. The only way Tigers trade out Boys is if the Yankees offer them a large amount or some fresh prospects.

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Zack Wheeler – New York Mets

MLB Trade Rumors Zack Wheeler

The recent reports were indicating that the Yankees are more interested in Zack Wheeler as compared to Bumgarner. It has been now changed as the Wheeler has been added to the list of injured players for his shoulder strain. Wheeler had a 4.69 ERA in the games he played before and even got his name in the All-Star list.

Although it seems stupid, the Yankees might trade for Wheeler as it won’t cost them any top prospect. The New York Mets and Yankees have not made any major player deal in the last 15 years and it could change soon.