MLB trade rumors Zack Wheeler Madison Bumgarner Matthew Boyd Emilio Pagan

MLB free agency 2019 will soon have a lot of blockbuster trade deals as the deadline approaches. As of right now, we are now just 10 days away from July 31 and the time limit is over. Most of the teams and players are waiting for the deadline to get close in hopes of a better deal. Madison Bumgarner is eyed by a lot of MLB teams including the Knicks and the Indians.

Even Zack Wheeler is kind of a big name in the MLB and has a lot of buyers. The free agency deals have become a lot interesting with each passing day. Here are the possible trade deals for Zack Wheeler, Madison Bumgarner, and Matthew Boyd.

Zack Wheeler

MLB trade rumors free agency Zack Wheeler

Despite the injury of Zack Wheeler, the New York Mets are fully confident to get a good deal out of him. Wheeler was seen practicing on Thursday, and it indicates he will be out on the field before the MLB trade deadline. The only issue here is Wheeler would have his value reduced due to the injury, the time he recovers will somehow need to be paid.

Madison Bumgarner

MLB trade rumors free agency Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner will soon be traded out of San Francisco Giants, even though both the parties don’t want it to happen. The Giants are out of cash and Bumgarner can’t play for a value less than he deserves. In such a situation, the Knicks and Braves can ask for a trade deal and get Bumgarner in their team.

Matthew Boyd

MLB trade rumors free agency Matthew Boyd

The Detroit Tigers are planning to retain the left-hand pitcher Matthew Boyd in the free agency. Boyd is under team control till 2022, and hence he has no option of breaking out for a deal. The Tigers plans to ask for a very high price in case someone asks for Boyd. The 28-year-old player is amazing at strikeout, and the Detroit Tigers sees him as their future superstar.

Emilio Pagan

MLB trade rumors free agency Emilio Pagan

Emilio Pagan will most probably be offered extension by the Tampa Bay Rays before the free agency ends. The Rays are in no mood to sign any players for longer contracts and need rentals for now. It is a smart strategy, it keeps their cap flexible, and non-performing players can easily be traded out. But is not always about money, MLB had much more to it.