MLB Power Rankings Astros Braves Dodgers Yankees Cubs

MLB trade deadline is over and most of the teams have been changed as players have moved from one team to another. While some teams have upgraded have their roster, others got nothing and will be going in weak for the next MLB season. Zack Grienke, Yasiel Puig, Trevor Bauer, etc. were some of the most impactful players who have changed their teams. Here are the updated MLB power rankings for Astros, Braves, Dodgers, Yankees, and Cubs after the trade deadline.

1. Houston Astros

MLB Power Rankings Houston Astros

Houston Astros were kind of the biggest winners for MLB trade deadline as they managed to get Zack Grienke without giving much. The Astros retained their top prospects and at the same time convince Arizona to pay for the remainder of Grienke contract amount. It would be tough to beat a team who have names such as Justin Verlander. Gerrit Cole and Greinke in their bullpen. The offense of Astros is also great and pairing up it with the starting pitchers, Houston is the best team in MLB right now.

2. Atlanta Braves

MLB Power Rankings Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves were already a great team even before the trade deadline and has improved further after the deals. They were behind the Dodgers before the trade deadline, but managed to come above them with some good deals. Shane Green and two other starting pitchers in the form of Chris Martin and Mark Melancon. The Braves now have a lineup that can beat any other MLB team and they will be going in strong for the next season.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers

MLB Power Rankings Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t make a single trade deal even on the last day of MLB trade deadline and slipped to the third position. They have already won 71 games in the current season and are doing great, but should have bought at least one pitcher. Dodgers have one of the best bullpen in MLB and Hyun-Jin Ryu will probably win the Northern League Cy Young award for them. The Dodgers could have topped the rankings if they had someone to support Codey Bellinger during rotation.

4. New York Yankees

MLB Power Rankings New York Yankees

New York Yankees was trying hard to get a lot of starting pitchers and were even linked with some of the top stars. Yet, Brian Cashman didn’t make a single deal in the MLB trade deadline and the reasons are still not clear. Yankees are doing great in terms of offense and their hitters are consistently scoring home runs, but how long it can continue. Without any good pitchers, the Yankees could soon lose their top spot in the AL scoreboard.

5. Cleveland Indians

MLB Power Rankings Cleveland Indians

Trevor Bauer was anyway creating trouble for the Cleveland Indians and they finally managed to trade him out. Yasiel Puig and Franmil Reyes are hitters and not pitchers, which means it would be hard for the Indians in the next season. But given their recent performance in the AL Central, there are very fewer chances for them to be strong contenders in the next season.