MLB Trade Rumours Trevor Bauer Cleveland Indians

Trevor Bauer trade deal will now go a lot different even though Cleveland Indians were already planning to move him out. The Indians wanted to get the maximum return and send him to an MLB team of their choice as Bauer is under their contract till 2020. Despite that, Bauer did something in his last game in Indians jersey, that have changed the MLB trade line fate for him and the team.

During the game on Sunday, the team of Cleveland Indians lost badly to Kansas City by 9-6. But that was not the least bit of trouble, as the real problem was the stunt that Trevor Bauer pulled after the match. The trade deal between Indians and Bauer is now imminent and will be controversial.

The Ball Throwing Incident

MLB Trade Rumours Trevor Bauer Cleveland Indians Ball Throwing Incident

MLB is a gentleman game and players are supposed to behave decent no matter the situation. Meanwhile, it went totally opposite as Trevor Bauer lost his cool and let his anger control his actions. As the fifth inning ended, Bauer was supposed to be taken off the field by his manager Terry Francona.

What Bauer did was shocking to everyone, as he went into the launch mode and angrily threw the baseball at the wall in centerfield. Mike Freeman and Francisco Linder somehow managed to get away or it could have hurt them. Francona defended Bauer despite his stupid act by not taking any actions, but the foundations of the upcoming deal have been laid.

Future of Trevor Bauer

MLB Trade Rumours Trevor Bauer Cleveland Indians Future

Trevor Bauer realized his mistake and apologized to everyone, but it doesn’t matter now. The message has been reached to other MLB teams that a new pitcher is available for the free agency. With an ERA of 3.79 and 30 points in the last 24 start games, there are plenty of teams ready to sign Bauer.

The problem remains is that will other teams still interested in him after the latest stunt he pulled. There are also chances that Bauer can be suspended and his trade deal can be canceled. No matter what happens in the next few days, what Bauer did was totally wrong and he should face consequences for his actions.