MLB Trade Rumours Trevor Bauer Trade Deal Indians

Trevor Bauer is in a lot of demands in the MLB free agency as only 5 days are remaining before the deadline. Cleveland Indians have no reason to trade their best pitcher, as they are just 2 games behind and have the best shot at the wild card spot. Still, there are so many rumors about Bauer trade deals with teams such as Yankees and the Phillies.

There is no smoke without any fire, and it is the same case with Bauer and Indians. The team of Cleveland knows that they have to trade Bauer someday and it will be smart to have the best deal in return. Here are the reasons why the Trevor Bauer trade deal with the Cleveland Indians is inevitable and happen soon.

Best Time to Deal Trevor Bauer

MLB Trade Rumours Best time to deal

Trevor Bauer will become a free agent in 2020 and can pick up any team of his choice. The Indians won’t be in any situation where they can negotiate with other MLB teams and have to agree with Bauer’s choice. Meanwhile, if the Cleveland Indians decides to trade out Bauer in the current free agency, they will have full control over the deal.

The Indians can ask for multiple future prospects right now in exchange for Bauer, and it will cost them very less. The same players will become stars in the next season of MLB and would have a very high price then. It is the best time to deal with Trevor Bauer, and the Indians know it very well.

Future of Cleveland Indians without Bauer

MLB Trade Rumours Better without Bauer

The Indians are at a very strong stage of the game, and Trevor Bauer won’t be missed that much. If they get a suitable replacement who is even a half-decent pitcher, the Indians can make it work. Mike Clevinger and Corey Kluber can handle the pitching department efficiently once the later is fully recovered.

The Cleveland team can sign in Nicholas Castellanos, Justin Smoak or Hunter Pence at cheap rates with the money they get from Bauer trade deal. It is not just about the next few games; the Indians have to think of the bigger picture in future and trade Trevo Bauer soon before the July 31 deadline.