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MLB Trade Rumors: The Yankees are too Stubborn to Make Costly Trade Deals for the Best Pitchers

Yankees Trouble

MLB trade deadline is about to get over in a few hours and the New York Yankees are yet to make a major deal. While other teams are getting the best names from the free agency, the Yankees couldn’t a single star. Even though the Yankees are currently at the top in the league rankings, there is no guarantee that the 11 game lead will stay forever.

Most of the MLB teams are hellbent to dethrone Yankees and have decided not to make trade deals with them. Along with that, the strategy adopted by the Yankees manager Brian Cashman is kind of too strict. If the Yankees continue to be stubborn, they may not acquire any of the pitchers and the trade deadline will be over.

Bauer and Stroman are Gone

Stroman and Bauer are Gone

Marcus Stroman from Toronto Blue Jays went to their town rivals, New York Mets at a cheap rate. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Reds also managed to sign Trevor Bauer in an almost impossible deal with the Cleveland Indians. Both were eyed by the Yankees and they had no success in any of the pitchers.

It will not end here as Mike Minor from Texas Rangers and Zack Grienke from Arizona Diamondbacks have refused to make a deal with the Yankees. It leaves the names such as Madison Bumgarner, Zack Wheeler, and Robbie Ray. Given the high demand for starting pitchers in the MLB deals, there is no way they could be signed without spending a high price.

Will the Cashman Strategy work for Yankees?

Cashman Strategy

Yankees manager Brian Cashman has so far changed the team by his strict discipline and moved them to the top. He has proved that you don’t need to spend useless money on new players and games can be won by properly training your team. But how long the strategy will continue to work, as the MLB stats will change after the free agency deals.

The Yankees want a dollar’s profit for every dollar spent and it barely happens in the big league games. No matter how good a team is, it needs starting pitchers that can throw the ball without giving any runs. The Yankees needs to think practically or they can end up without any pitchers even after the trade deadline.

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