Stroman Trade Rumors

New York Mets made the first and biggest trade deal in MLB free agency as the deadline was closing. Marcus Stroman from Toronto Blue Jays was traded into the Mets in exchange for two young prospects. The Mets were kind of lucky that they managed to get Stroman by giving out two minor league pitchers in the form of Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson.

While one would think that the Blue Jays are at a loss as they gave away their best pitchers for two rookies, it is actually opposite of that. The fact is that despite a better average, Stroman is kind of ineffective and the Mets have no use of him on the field. New York team will now have to trade out Noah Syndergaard and it means that Mets and Marcus Stroman trade deal doesn’t make any sense.

Syndergaard can’t be replaced with Stroman

Syndergaard Replacement

There is no direct comparison between Marcus Stroman and Noah Syndergaard as both are good in their game. Stroman is kind of playing an average game, with a DRA between 3.66 and 4.19 in the last MLB season. The Mets are planning to replace Syndergaard with Stroman despite not making a direct exchange deal.

Stroman is kind of outpitching Syndergaard for this year, but overall Thor has better stats. Syndergaard is younger, cheaper and under team control for one extra year compared to Stroman. It makes no sense and will be kind of stupid if the Mets do indeed replace Syndergaard by Stroman.

Stroman does not Fits in the Mets

Stroman does not Fits

Marcus Stroman is a good ball reliant pitcher and would be a great addition in any defensive team. But the Mets have the worst defense in the history of New York City in MLB games. It seems that the Mets didn’t plan much for the deal and just considered getting Stroman for cheap.

The fact is there is no sense in having a player which doesn’t have a place in your bullpen and can’t fit in your team. It would be interesting to see what the Mets next does with Noah Syndergaard as he is almost confirmed to be traded out. The Mets deal with Stroman had no logical sense and hopefully, they don’t repeat it with Syndergaard deal.