MLB Free Agency Rumors Noah Syndergaard Trade Deal

New York Mets are undergoing from a tough time due to terrible performance in the last MLB season. It has to lead them to make new trade deals before the free agency deadline is Noah Syndergaard is one of the names.

The possible choices for the Mets are Zack Wheeler and Syndergaard, as they are already buying out new players such as Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays.

Hence, there is no option but to let go of Thor (Syndergaard) as they need to keep a balance between the number of pitchers. Noah has been part of an All-Star team and is yet to celebrate his 27th birthday. Many MLB teams would love to have a pitcher such as Thor in their team. Here are the possible Noah Syndergaard free agency trade deals with Twins, Padres, Astros, and Angels.

Minnesota Twins

MLB Free Agency Rumors Noah Syndergaard Trade Deal Minnesota Twins

Most of the rumors are saying that the Mets are in talks with Minnesota Twins for trading out Noah Syndergaard. The two prospects from Twins,  shortstop Royce Lewis and outfielder Alex Kirilloff are the names leaked for an exchange deal. Under normal circumstances, Minnesota would never give away those two prospects, but having Thor in their team is something else.

San Diego Padres

MLB Free Agency Rumors Noah Syndergaard Trade Deal San Diego Padres

San Diego Padres have been trying to sign in Syndergaard since the last winter and have a deep enough farm to provide the top prospects in return. Most of the players in the Padres squad is young and Thor would fit in perfectly as their ace pitcher. Padres team have improved a lot over the last few years and having Noah Syndergaard in their team will make it much better.

Houston Astros

MLB Free Agency Rumors Noah Syndergaard Trade Deal Houston Astros

Houston Astros is known to make good players into stars with the recent examples of Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole. Since Brad Peacock has been injured, the Astros would love to have Noah Syndergaard as their fifth rotational player. The only problem in Thor going to Houston is that they don’t have big prospects to give in exchange. It didn’t mean a trade deal is not possible as Thor can request the Mets for some sort of exchange.

Los Angeles Angels

MLB Free Agency Rumors Noah Syndergaard Trade Deal Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Lakers are very close to the wild card spot and gaining the numbers to be a part of the big leagues. Syndergaard could solve the starters problems for the Angels as the unfortunate death of Tyler Skaggs has made an important spot empty. Thor can be easily paired up with recovered Shohei Ohtani and the duo can take Los Angeles to the playoffs in the next season.