The next Microsoft Windows update will relieve users from its annoying auto-update feature.

Microsoft Windows has a feature that downloads update automatically whenever connected to the internet. However, this feature has caused troubles to the user.

What is the issue?

Windows’ auto update downloaded the update whenever a user connected the PC to the internet.

After the update, when the user boots the computer it would take several minutes to install the updates which could be troublesome if you are rushing into a meeting with your angry boss.

The auto update also sucks up bandwidth without notifying which is an issue for the users on limited bandwidth.

Windows Update Fix

Microsoft explained in a blog post that previous windows build has an automatic update installation which will be revamped from Windows May 2019 Update.

The newer update will provide users with more control over how the windows 2019 may 2019 update will provide more granular control both over downloading and installation of automatic updates.

Windows 10 Update Fix

Previous builds of windows the update automatically gets downloaded and installed without notifying the users. The next update will provide the user with an option to pause the update. The pause will be effective for 7 days only.

The pause feature can be used 5 times which means for 35 days in continuation. After the 35 day period, users will be forced to install the update. Once the update is done users will again get 5 pauses.

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The next build will also bring an option to download and install the update, which will trigger both actions to be finished then and there.

Microsoft Windows Update

Microsoft will also better scheduling options to the user. The
Window 10 Anniversary will bring a feature called active hour which will track the usage and automatically install the updates on the basis of the machine usage.

All these features will be available after the next build is released in May 2019.