Microsoft Windows 10 update issue

Windows 10 has been in usage since 2015, and Microsoft is still releasing new updates. The latest version of the Microsoft operating system for PCs is called Windows 10 May update. It started rolling out in the last month of May and has become a hot topic among all the Windows users.

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Due to the new Wannacry ransomware, Microsoft and NSA are urging users to update to the new Windows 10. The real trouble for the users is that they are forced to update and the new Windows 10 May update is full of bugs. Angry users are complaining about it on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit.

What’s new in the Update?

As on May 21, 2019, Microsoft started to roll out the official Windows 10 May 2019 Update. The updated Windows is also called as version 1903, and it is available to all the compatible devices. May Update is the 7th main version and is sort of an incremental update. The new Windows 10 update has arrived with a new lot of new features and security improvements.

Microsoft has added things such as Sandbox, better light mode, Reserved Storage, Recommended Troubleshooting, mouse customization, tamper protection, and so much more.

Windows 10 Update Bug Problems

The biggest gripe of Windows users is that the new May 2019 update is full of bugs and has made their PCs worst. There have been installation problems, where the Windows 10 process is stuck for days. Most of the Apps after the May update are malfunctioning and crashing randomly. Cortana and default settings have also been infected, and users are unable to do anything about it. Along with that, there are plenty of other bugs and issues in the new Windows 10 after the update.

Windos 10 Users Complains over Twitter

Most of the Windows 10 users are angry over the updates as it is taking forever to finish the process. Not also that, many of the users are losing their date, and the system is getting corrupted. Many of them have complained to Microsoft about their problems, to make others aware and realize the company about their problems.

Response from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows 10 update issue bug problem

The officials at Microsoft are barely taking any responsibilities and has shifted the blame on others. In a very diplomatic and defensive way, Microsoft is claiming that the update is fine and the bug problems are because of people using illegal updates or non-compatible drivers.

While it is true that most of the Windows 10 users don’t have a genuine copy of their OS, it still can’t explain the occurrence of the problem among all the users. Microsoft has assured its users that the update is fine, and in time, everything will be fixed.

How to Fix the Windows 10 Bugs?

Microsoft Windows 10 update issue bug problem

Most of the bugs and issues in the Windows 10 May 2019 update is in the installation process itself. Microsoft has made it flexible this time, and users can schedule their update process to a time of their choice. It would be better for you if you update your Windows 10 at a suitable time when all the processes are closed, and the internet connection is stable. Our advice to the readers is that backup your data before starting the update.

Most of the update issues can be solved with a hard reboot. If any of the Windows 10 update issues are still not resolved, you can reach out to the Twitter handle of Microsoft support. Also, there are Windows forums to discuss the same with other users. For those who have still not updated their machines, it would be better to wait for a stable Windows 10 update.