Windows 10 Update

Many Windows 10 users had willingly opted not to download the latest update after the update blunder that happened last month. However, Microsoft has issued a warning that this action could put these users at the risk of possible cyber attack similar to the notorious WannaCry.

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Windows 10 update plagued with bugs, not safe to install

Last month was simultaneous for Microsoft many updates messed up the functionality of many Windows users. Microsoft removed many features in those updates that Redmond was planning to quash in the feature.

Update dropped the support for XDDM-based display drives, and it also removed the sync feature in desktop messaging app. The update also quashed support for Windows To Go and roaming support for Wi-Fi WEP and TKIP.

Many of these changes were not received well by the users, and they opted not to update their Windows OS.  However, this has created a new problem for Microsoft.

According to the report of EconomicTimes, Microsoft is requesting to download the update anyway to avoid the possible cyber threat.

A blog post made by the Microsoft Security Response Center explains that a team of researchers has found a bug CVE-2019-0708 which can be exploited for Remote Code Execution.

The blog further details that failing to update the Windows can lead to possible exploitation of this bug.

WannaCry: A ransomware that still haunts

WannaCry affected a huge number of computer as it propagated on the web by using an exploit called EternalBlue.

WannaCry Windows 10

Interestingly, EternalBlue was developed by the NSA for Windows OS. The group behind the WannaCry, Shadow Broker, was able to get hold of this exploit.

This attack also unraveled the fact that many users were not updating their Windows system to the latest version.

So, even though the last update of Windows has many issues, it is best in users interest to update their Windows 10 to the latest version.