Microsoft Surface Phone Foldable Smartphone

Microsoft Surface Phone has been a device which has been talked about since as far back as 2014 when the company was making Lumia smartphones. However, no such phone ever came out.

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Nevertheless, it appears that Microsoft has not given up on its efforts towards launching a Surface-branded smartphone. Latest reports point out that this might be a foldable smartphone just like the Samsung Galaxy Fold!

Microsoft Surface Phone specs

Samsung and Huawei both introduced their foldable devices earlier this year. Interestingly, it appears that the Surface Phone too is going to be a foldable device.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Microsoft’s Foldable Smartphone

If this upcoming Microsoft smartphone does indeed come out as a foldable device, it is going to pan out to Microsoft’s advantage. The phone is likely to run on the Windows 10 Mobile OS. However, when it is unfolded and made into a tablet, it can run the Windows 10 OS! This will make it the first ever PC-cum-Smartphone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Foldable Display

Microsoft’s competitors are also working on developing foldable smartphones. Multiple patents have been filed and even products have been announced. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft does indeed launch a foldable smartphone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date and More Details

The release date of this new addition to the Surface family of devices has been discussed and debated for quite a long time. It has been rumored to release almost every quarter since Q3 2014. However, Microsoft is yet to officially announce the phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Features Foldable Smartphone
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It is expected that the official announcement regarding the Microsoft Surface Phone will be made at this years’ hardware event in October where Microsoft also announces their other Surface-series devices. Stay tuned with us for more!