Microsoft has been working for years on a foldable Surface Phone, similar to the Surface Laptops. Still, there is no official statement or any release date. Whereas other companies like Samsung and Huawei are ready with there Foldable devices.

A recent patent report hints that Project Andromeda (Code-name for Microsoft’s Foldable Surface Phone) is on its way. Microsoft submitted a patent for a hinge design at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). There are strong chances the hinge will be used in Surface Phones.

What does the hinge patent means for Surface Phone?

Surface phone hinge patents

Surprisingly, it seems that Microsoft has worked out the folding mechanism of its Surface phones. The Patent submitted at WIPO focuses on a hinge which could be used to the turn the Surface Phone into a Laptop.

One side of the phone body will serve as a display for the Laptop in landscape orientation. While the other side will serve as a virtual keyboard. The hinge will also allow the display to rotate full 360 degrees, thus folding it back into a phone again.

The present concepts relate to devices, such as computer devices, that use hinge assemblies. It can rotationally lock first and second device sections relative to a second hinge axis extending refers to the second section.

Some of the existing hinge assemblies may provide a path for a conductor through the hinge assembly that exposes the conductor to only a single axis of rotation during rotation of the first and second portions.


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Microsoft is trying to keep up with the Competitors

Microsoft Keeping with the competitors

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X will enter the market of Foldable Phones this month. While Microsoft is still far behind in the race. Even though it started on working the Surface phone years ago, there was no solid development.

It seems Microsoft has realized the upcoming growth in the field of Foldable devices. Rapid developments have been started, the Windows makers can’t afford to lose the race.  Microsoft is working at a fast pace to keep with other companies.

Microsoft Surface Phone: When will the Foldable Phone Release?

Microsoft Surface Phone Release date

According to recent Reports, Microsoft is planning the launch of Foldable Surface phones by the end of this year. There have been also rumors that the size of the device may increase as shown in the patent.

The Patent doesn’t always mean Product, there can be delays or the design could be completely scrapped. We may have to wait longer or the Surface Phone could be launched earlier. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Microsoft Surface Phone updates and other news.