Khabib vs McGregor UFC

The match between Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov was one which took the world of UFC by storm! The match itself was a masterclass but the controversy after the match was also talked about for quite a long time. McGregor even sought retirement after the match – but is most likely to return soon.

Khabib vs McGregor UFC
Image: The Independent

Will a Conor vs Khabib rematch be coming our way soon? Reportedly, the teams of the two fighters are in talks already! On an interesting note, Conor’s team has noted that Khabib is afraid of a rematch!

Is Khabib Nurmagomedov Really Afraid of a Rematch with McGregor?

McGregor vs Khabib ended up with both the fighters being served penalties and bans. However, both of them have been itching to get back at each other. In the past Khabib Nurmagomedov even asked Conor to get a few wins before he challenges him again.

Khabib vs McGregor UFC PPV Main Event
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However, Conor’s team is now trying to instigate Khabib by implying that he is afraid of a rematch. This, most likely is an intimidation tactic where McGregor is trying to get Khabib to fight him by trying to get him angry.

When Can We Expect a McGregor vs Khabib Rematch?

Khabib vs McGregor UFC Fight
Image: The Independent

As of this writing, it is impossible to say when exactly will the two UFC icons come to an agreement to fight each other again. However, before we get an actual date, the good news is that talk has reportedly resumed between McGregor and Dana White and he will be back in the UFC sooner than we expect!