Malcolm Brogdon is another name in the free agency 2019, which would have a lot of NBA teams fighting for him. The Milwaukee Bucks picked the 26-year-old at No. 36 pick in the NBA drafts 2016. After that, his career has flourished, and he had made a great name for himself.

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Brogdon had an average of 15.6 points per game, 50.5-percent shooting from the field and 42.6-percent shooting from the far deep end. It makes Malcolm Brogdon an ideal fit for many teams, including the LA Lakers. The Lakers doesn’t have much money for the top players such as Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant, but they have a chance for making a deal with Brogdon.

Anthony Davis and LeBron James Duo

Anthony LeBron Duo Malcolm Brogdon Lakers NBA trade

The Los Angeles Lakers have depleted most of their cap space money by getting Anthony Davis from the Pelicans in a big trade deal. The main aim was to pair up LeBron James with a name big enough that can give the Lakers some serious edge over the other NBA teams. The duo of Anthony and LeBron will do great, but they need someone to support them from the other side of the basketball court.

Malcolm Brogdon has an experience of 64 games and can do the work for the Lakers. With the $23.7 million left in their pocket, the Lakers can make a great offer to Brogdon. If the three of them, Anthony, LeBron, and Malcolm play together for the Lakers, they can have their glory days back.

Milwaukee Bucks will try their Best

Milwaukee Bucks Malcolm Brogdon NBA Lakers

It is not like that the Milwaukee Bucks will let their star player walk away so easily. The Bucks are not doing anything good, and their leading players turning into a free agent has further increased their trouble. On the other hand, Brogdon has a history of getting injured.

Hence, paying a high price for him will also be a risk. The Milwaukee Bucks will try their best to make such an offer, which compels Brogdon to stay. If they are unable to do that, the Bucks will make sure they get a better deal from the Lakers.