Khris Middleton NBA Trade rumours

Khris Middleton has landed a spot in the All-Star games due to his amazing performance in the last NBA season. Following in the footsteps of other star players, Khris has also turned into an unrestricted free agent. It makes all the NBA teams bid for a max contract, and Khris Middleton can pick a team of his choice.

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It seems that Middleton is aware of the upcoming trade deals and also how his value has increased. There are high chances that Khris Middleton get a huge raise in his salary and a longer contract. Here are the possible contract options for Khris and how it affects the future of Milwaukee Bucks.

Contracts for Khris Middleton

Khris Middleton Contract NBA Trade

Milwaukee Bucks offered a $13 million player option contract, which was eventually declined by Khris Middleton. It doesn’t mean that Middleton can’t rejoin the Bucks, the negotiations are still on the table. As of right now, Khris Middleton is eligible for a five-year contract with the Milwaukee Bucks for around $190 million.

Whereas, Middleton can go to other NBA teams and a have a four-year contract for more than $140 million. Hence, it is evident that Middleton would turn into a free agent and get the best deal possible. Most of the rumors suggest that Khris Middleton would go to other teams, as the value can still go up.

Future of Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks Future NBA Trade

The next year for Milwaukee Bucks will be a lot more interesting as most of their players have turned into free agents. Brook Lopez, Malcolm Brogdon, and Nikola Mirotic are probably looking for a new contract with the Bucks. As a start, the Milwaukee Bucks has already traded Tony Snell with the Detroit Pistons.

Even the last season for the Bucks was good, the team was winning all the matches, until it lost to Toronto Raptors, due to a powerful play by Kawhi Leonard. Kyrie Irving, Julius Randle, and Harrison Barnes are open in the market of free agents. The Bucks could use one of those names and make a solid team for the next season.