Lucifer season 5 release date

Lucifer Season 5 has been renewed by Netflix and this fan favorite show will now have a proper ending. CW decided to cancel the show after the third season and a lot of fans were disappointed. But due to the popularity of Lucifer and the main character played by Tom Ellis, Netflix picked up the show for a season 5.

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Not only the show got more creative freedom at Netflix, but Lucifer season 4 had also an amazing storyline. The Lucifer Tom Ellis finally opened up to fans about the show and his character. Here is everything Tom revealed about Lucifer Season 5 and his working experience, and how he feels about his fans.

Tom Ellis on Lucifer Season 5


Tom Ellis on Lucifer

The journey of Lucifer in the show and Tom Ellis in real life has been amazing. Tom joined the show way back in 2015 to play the Devil and since then he has turned into a household name. The actor has shared a photo on Instagram telling how he was feeling while shooting for Lucifer on the first day.

I was nervous and had no idea how far we would reach, it was never in my dreams that the show would get so much popular. The show and I had a wonderful journey together, and I made so many good friends. I love the character I play and couldn’t ask for more. It has been an utter privilege to be part of something great like Lucifer.

A Thank You to Fans

Lucifer with fans

Tom Ellis didn’t forget to thank his fans for their support. He added that all of the viewers and fans of the show are the cherry at the top of the cake called Lucifer. As per Tom, the fans of the show are the main reason Lucifer was saved from cancellation and got season 5. Even his fans were touched by this and supported Tom in comments and other social media.

All of the fans don’t want Lucifer to end and stay forever in their hearts. The showrunners are happy that they get to end Lucifer Season 5 on their own terms with proper creative input.