Netflix Lucifer Season 5 release date season 4

Lucifer season 4 dropped on Netflix just a month ago, and fans have already binge-watched the 10 episodes. A lot of the fans said that this is the best season of Lucifer so far, as it has more violence and nudity and that they can’t wait for season 5.

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Lucifer on number 1

According to the Binge Report, Lucifer is the most binge-watched the show on the online streaming platform for the third week in a row after its release. 6.52 percent of the viewers watched the entire season in one go and that is why it is so consistently on the top.

Lucifer Morningstar, the titular character, is played by Tom Ellis. When Ellis heard about the massive reaction that the 4th season got, he was excited and thrilled. He tweeted his feeling for his fans, saying, “You little bingers you…#Lucifer BINGE REPORT: ‘Lucifer’ Gets Cozy At No. 1.”

Fans tweet back

lucifer season 4Fans replied to the tweet saying that the season is brilliant and the cast and crew deserve the love they are getting. Another fan said that the show is certainly the King of television now. One of the fans even revealed that they have been rewatching season four for three weeks and they are still not over it.

The ardent viewers have launched a petition to get the showrunners to announce the fifth season, but there has been no official announcement yet. However, given the phenomenal response that season 4 has gotten, it is all but confirmed that there is going to be a Lucifer season 5 release soon.