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Fans tweet #RenewLucifer, demand Lucifer Season 5 on Netflix

    Lucifer Season 5 Netflix

    Lucifer is among one of the hottest TV shows of recent times. Now that Season 4 of the show is out, fans are demanding the release of Lucifer Season 5! The show, which was canceled by Fox, was picked up by Netflix where the fourth season aired earlier this month.

    Lucifer Season 5 Renew

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    Let us take a closer look at the fan demand as well as reactions to the fourth season.

    Lucifer Season 5 Already Being Demanded: Was the fourth season a success?

    Fans are tweeting in large numbers about their excitement over the fourth season and are demanding the release of the fifth season of the show soon. The reaction indicates that the recently released Lucifer Season 4 was a huge success! The journey of the devil has indeed taken a dramatic turn, and network execs at Fox would be wondering if they made a wrong decision by letting the show go.

    Lucifer Season 5 Confirmed

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    Fox has a history of letting good shows slip away, Brooklyn Nine-Nine being another such example. Netflix should perhaps introspect if they made the right call by canceling their top performing shows like Daredevil, The Punisher, and Jessica Jones!

    Fans Demand Fifth Season of Lucifer on Twitter

    Lucifer Season 5 Release Date

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    Let us now take a closer look at how the fans have been expressing their views about Lucifer Season 5 on Twitter. Many fans took to Twitter to relay their demands to Netflix, have a look below.

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