Lucifer season 5 netflix release date

Lucifer season 5 might not have been officially confirmed but when has that ever stopped from the cast dropping hints? A recent cast of the much successful ‘Netflix Original’ has hinted that the show might be getting renewed after all.

The 4th season for Lucifer dropped on Netflix just a few days ago but most of the fans have already binge-watched all 10 episodes of the show. So as a result, ardent viewers have already started blasting Twitter with requests for the fifth season.

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Earlier difficulties

Lucifer season 5 netflix release dateLast year was a difficult time for fans of the show because it got canceled by Fox. However, they did not give up and started an online campaign to bring back their beloved devil back to the silver screen. As a result, the show was picked up by the online streaming giant Netflix and the fourth season was released earlier this month.

Season 4 concluded with a cliffhanger that will tease the fans until the next season is released. Lucifer had to return to hell because the demons were posing a threat to earth and everyone he loves in Los Angeles.

Maze reveals details

Lucifer Season 5 Future Rests on Season 4Fans are now desperate to know what happens next and that is why they have started demanding the release date of the next season. Lesley-Ann Brandt, who plays Maze, confirmed recently that it will return for season 5.

She said,

“Our trailer has got four million views, which is crazy and it was humbling. I hope so (that there is season five) as there is so much story that we could tell, and the way we ended the season, it was on a massive cliffhanger. So, I just don’t see how we don’t have season five.”

She also added that the show ended at an epic note. She revealed

“[It’s an] epic, epic, epic cliffhanger. If you thought the season three cliffhanger was big, this one is pretty amazing. It leads us to — how can we not do a season five? Fans are going to be salivating and begging for more absolutely. I mean, I feel like we’re going to break the internet and possibly break Netflix. They are going to let their voices be known to Netflix.”

Knowing this, you can stay relaxed that Netflix will definitely be bringing the show back. There is no official confirmation for Lucifer season 5 release yet but there is a reason to be hopeful.