Lucifer season 5 was always in the minds of those who have seen Lucifer season 4. The show kick-started with a bang, made all its fans go crazy about it and wondering if there would be another season to binge.

The blockbuster show is more addictive than meth if you believe me. It has got all the ingredients to spice up the entertainment quotient.

Lucifer season 5 release date: Is it happening?

All right! So without wasting your time much, we come to the conclusion straight away. No mystery building. Whether Lucifer season 5 is happening or not is a question that not even its makers can answer at this stage. It is too early to say anything as of now.

Lucifer season 5 netflix release date air date cast

Netflix had dropped this show on May 8, 2019, due to poor TRPs. One of the factors Netflix considers before bringing a series on its platform is viewing figure. The company has always been secretive about its ratings, it stated in its statement that fir it a series is complete only when it is watched around 70 percent.

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That means if enough of audience watch at least 7 of all 10 episodes, then there is hope for next season for sure.

Lucifer season 5 actors take on it

Lucifer season 5 release date Tom Ellis

And it seems like actors too are fond of another season of Lucifer. Tom Ellis in a recent interview said that he is looking forward to the next season as he does not find the story to be finished yet.

“With any show you could ultimately finish at the end of any season, and you’re either left with a massive cliffhanger and people are left unsatisfied, or you get the opportunity to tell your story until the end. I think that we would all love to come back and do a season 5. We’ll just have to see what Netflix says,” he added.

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