Lucifer Season 5

Fans rejoiced when Lucifer Season 4 was picked up by Netflix after being cancelled unceremoniously. Just about a week later, having binge-watched the entire ten-episode fourth season, they can hardly wait for Lucifer Season 5.

Behind-the-scenes video released

As a gift to the show’s devotees, Tom Ellis has whetted their appetite even more by sharing a behind-the-scenes clip from season 4. The clip, shared on the star’s Instagram account, is from a fight scene in episode four of the latest season where Lucifer takes on a number of thugs in a bar.

In the video, Tom can be seen practising a stunt. He flips a stuntman over his shoulder and throws another on to an arcade machine.

Lucifer Season 5 Behind-the-scenes video released

As impressed as the fans were, they only had one question for Ellis in the comments section – when could they expect season 5.

Although being picked by Netflix was a great development for the cult series, there’s one drawback. Compared to its network run, Season 4 was much shorter, at only 10 episodes. Fans of the show, in fact, have already released an online petition for Lucifer Season 5.

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Showrunners tease Lucifer Season 5 spoilers

While Netflix has not officially announced Lucifer Season 5, the showrunners are already preparing for it.

Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger and showrunners, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, recently spoke about how they intend to return for the next season.

Lucifer Season 5

Teasing potential ideas for a fifth season, they talked about how they have a lot of exciting ideas. Some of the adjectives they used are outlandish and crazy. According to them, when they discussed the idea in the writers’ room, everyone thought it was batshit crazy but brilliant.

While the rumours are floating around on the internet, we, at HipToro plan to bring it to you right away. For more on Lucifer, stay tuned.