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Lucifer season 4 spoilers: Love triangle continues between Lucifer, Chloe and Eve

Lucifer Season 4 is almost here and the fans can’t wait to see some new episodes. Will Lucifer and Chloe Decker get back together? Here’s some clue to how things unfold for them.

Lucifer Season 4: Will the cliffhanger be resolved?

The viewers are making some speculations as to what to expect from the upcoming episodes. In the previous season, we saw Lucifer kill Cain. But it wasn’t just us who witnessed this, Chloe saw this event’s end and saw the devil side of Lucifer. The previous season left the viewers on a cliffhanger and Chloe wasn’t sure how she felt about it right away.

Lucifer Season 4: Will the cliffhanger be resolved?

Season 4 will address what happens after that. It may not go as per the expectations of the fans. Well, they have been waiting for it for some while now. Tom explained,

When I first read our first episode, I was like: ‘Oh my gosh, I wonder how people will react to this?

Tom also revealed some details of the upcoming show. He assured the fans that everything will be fine between him and Chloe. But it wouldn’t be so easy for them. The fans are speculating that it has something to do with Eve. From what we have seen until now, it is pretty clear that Eve will make an attempt to come between Chloe and Lucifer in the upcoming episodes.

What are Eve’s real intentions?

Initially, Eve has some good intentions, but we are not sure when will she act on her secret evil intentions. As per the original sinner, Eve definitely possesses some powers. But will she make use of it on Lucifer?

Lauren, who portrays Chloe on the show, talked about the character’s reaction. She said that she would support Lucifer in spite of his devil side, but would be a little scared at the same time. Let’s stay tuned to Lucifer Season 4 to watch how the plot shapes up.

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