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Lucifer Season 4 major plotline related to [SPOILER] leaked?

    Lucifer Season 4 release date

    Lucifer Season 4 is finally here with a brand new season next week. The Lord of Hell is back with some new adventures, but will his new beau Eve create some trouble for him? Read ahead to know more.

    The wicked sense and endless adventures by Lucifer have made the fans go crazy before and he is back with some more. But the fourth season will not be the same. This season Eve will create trouble for her beau. Chloe Decker is ignoring him since the time he got to know about his devil side.

    Lucifer Season 4 release date

    Lucifer Season 4: What is Eve up to?

    The original sinner Eve will be introduced to the fans in Lucifer Season 4. She has plans to woo back Lucifer into her life again. Well, Lucifer won’t give up his evil adventures, but he sure loves to chill with his new love Eve. Showrunner Joe Henderson explained,

    That image ties in with something that Lucifer is trying to achieve by not being himself.

    The showrunner is sure that this change would instantly come to the notice of the fans. Such a transition cannot be ignored. The audience will definitely ponder on this fact. Why will Lucifer do all of this for Eve?


    Fan speculations and Hidden Trails

    The fans are busy dissecting the trailer and pointing out the hidden clues before Lucifer Season 4 goes on air. The bowl of green apples is definitely a concern for the fans. As the viewers must be aware of the fact, that Eve was tempted by the devil using an apple of Eden originally. This could be a big clue for Lucifer’s next move.

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