Lucifer season 4

Lucifer season 4 got officially confirmed after a year-long struggle by fans. Lucifer will be returning to fans with a new installment this year, but fans are worried about his relationship with Chloe decker.

Lucifer season 4 spoiler: Could Chloe be his downfall?

Lucifer Season 4 spoilersA new teaser was released by Netflix, giving fans a glimpse of what could be happening in the next installment. Although a romance between the two is being teased in season 4, fans are worried that Chloe may become a liability for Lucifer after all.

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Chloe, played by Lauren German, is a mere human, and she may be exposing the vulnerability of Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis), who is the king of hell.

Reddit is abuzz with speculations, spoilers theories about Lucifer season 4 and what this could mean for the devil. One Redditor posted,

“I mean think about it a little, the devil with a human? I mean I badly want them to have a happily ever after but I think Lucifer will eventually be heartbroken and he’ll just give up and go back into hell or retaliate against his dad.”

Redemption ahead for Lucifer in season 4?

Lucifer Season 4 spoilersSome others were quick to come to Chloe’s defense, stating that for Lucifer to have a happy ending, Chloe is indispensable. They said, “I think Chloe is his key to redemption, so I don’t see him returning to hell. “

Another pointed out the slight problem of aging. That is, Chloe, being a human, will age, while Lucifer will always look the same. To counter this Lucifer season 4 spoiler, a fan wrote,

“I think Chloe is God’s way of giving Lucifer the choice to embrace a mortal lifetime. He wasn’t happy in heaven. He was miserable in hell. It wasn’t until he came to LA and fell for Chloe that he felt like he truly had a home for the first time.”

If that is the case, we are totally onboard with it. After all, who doesn’t like a happy ending, even if it is for the devil himself.