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Lucifer season 5: Tom Ellis reveals Lucifer’s next step [BIG SPOILER ALERT]

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Netflix recently got done with airing Lucifer season 4. The new episodes have got everyone’s attention, and for the right reasons. Star Tom Ellis revealed the prospects for the continuing instalment.

Tom Ellis Comments on Lucifer season 5

The fans are completely in love with the revealing and dramatic portrayal of Lucifer on Netflix. The show was under some restrictions when it was on Fox. Season 5 of the show is yet to commission and the fans can’t stop clamoring for the show to continue.

Tom stepped in and revealed that there is more to come. He said,

I feel like we haven’t finished telling our story yet, without giving too many spoilers away.

Lucifer season 5 cast Tom
Credits: Daily Express

Ellis said that the team would love to return and tell more stories instead of leaving the fans on a cliffhanger (Spoiler alert: Lucifer goes back to hell in season 4 finale episode). After listening to him, fans have hopes for Season 5. Ellis further explained that moving to Netflix and reducing the episode numbers have considerably improved the quality of the show. More episodes only lead to dilution of story and stretching it unnecessarily.

Season 5 trends: The liberty that comes with the Netflix tag

Moreover, the fans don’t have to wait for each episode. As all the episodes are released in one go, they can simply binge-watch the entire season at once. Tom Ellis is not the only one who is waiting for a Lucifer season 5. Even Lesley-Ann Brandt said that the fans will get what they want.

Tom Ellis Lucifer season 5
Credits: Daily Express

Brandt said that Netflix has had a great impact on everyone. Netflix allows them to do as they like and there are no restrictions. The young and vibrant team of marketing people and executives have a different and out of the box perspective.

So for now, the fans can relax a bit and we are certain that you will get to hear about Lucifer Season 5 soon.

Written by Vijay Dubey

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