Lucifer fans rejoice, as their dearest wish has finally come true. The show has been renewed for its fourth season by Netflix after it was axed by Fox last May.

Henderson, the showrunner for Lucifer, apologized to fans last year after the show was cancelled along with several other US network shows like Designated Survivor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Exorcist. Thomas Ellis, who plays Lucifer, expressed hopes for renewing the show after Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by Netflix.

Lucifer season 4 revival by Netflix

Lucifer season 4 spoilersIt looks like his, along with several fans’ prayers were finally heard. The promo video released on Twitter features Tom Ellis, Lauren German, and the new addition, Inbar Lavi. The actors made several speculations and teased spoilers throughout the video. One of the major themes is that there is certainly a lot of romance happening in the upcoming season.

The video starts off with all three characters saying hello to the viewers. Ellis can be seen in a Netflix branded robe.

Several romance plots have been teased in the promo. In one of the segments, Inbar said, “You know, it’s really the Devil’s fault. He’s so sexy. I just love…” before she is cut off.

Tom kept up the theme by stating, “We’re just about to film a very juicy scene with the three of us getting…” before being interrupted by Chloe.

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Chloe also proceeded to thank the fans for saving Lucifer season 4.

YouTube video

Release dates for Lucifer season 4

It has been speculated that Lucifer season 4 will be released in May this year, with a first five episodes release. The mid-season break will then be followed by the rest of the episodes.

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The first three seasons of the comedy-drama can be streamed on Netflix right now.