Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 will release soon. But the fans want to know when will it air and all the details regarding it. Here are all the details about the latest season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine that you need!

When will Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 release in UK?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently got its air date. Season 6 is already on air for the American audience. The show’s fifth season was also added on Netflix for those who wanted to binge watch it.

The newest season will be aired in UK on 28 March on E4. There are thirteen episodes in total of 30 minutes each. A new episode will be aired every week at 9 pm. The earlier seasons had 22 episodes each, so this one is going to be the shortest season till now.

Where can I watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6?

You can either watch the show on Channel 4’s E4 or stream it on AII4. In case you miss any episode, you can easily stream it on AII4 shortly after it has aired on E4.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

What will happen in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6?

Finally, Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Numero) are getting married, so the season will begin with some celebration. The two will then go for their honeymoon which wouldn’t be as planned.

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Holt (Andre Braugher) will get promoted to the post of NYDP Commissioner. Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) went to her parents at Season 5’s end, so we will get to see what happens ahead of that. This will be the first season of the show which will be cast on NBC. The fans campaigned and fought to save the show after FOX decided to drop it.