The British fans are waiting eagerly for Detective Jake Peralta to return along with his team and they wouldn’t have to wait for long as Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 is returning very soon.

The comedy show which is a huge hit among fans moved from channel to channel the previous year. It was finally saved by NBC, after being led down by FOX. Here’s all that you need to know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 and how to watch it on Netflix UK and E4.

When can you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 on Netflix?

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 was aired on E4 the previous year. This year you can watch the series on 8 March on Netflix. The first four seasons of the show are available on Netflix already. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 is currently available to the US audience. It will soon be available on E4 as well.

What is the plot of the comedy hit?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine concerns the misadventures of the police department of the NYPD. The team catch bad guys, solve crime and have lots of fun in their free time.

Jake Peralta is the main lead of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He is an immature wacky detective who loves to play around with his boss Captain Holt. At other times, he is solving cases with his best pal and partner Boyle or betting with his love interest and rival Amy Santiago.

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Rumors about Cancellation of the Show

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was indeed cancelled by FOX after the first five seasons. However, the fans fought to bring the show back for a season 6 and NBC finally gave in to public demand.

Who is in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 cast?

As already mentioned, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) leads the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6. The role of Captain Holt is played by Andre Braugher and Joe Lo Truglio stars as Boyle. Amy Santiago is portrayed by Melissa Fumero.