Netflix saved the day after Fox refused to take up Lucifer Season 4. Netflix made the announcement that will take up the show. Rumors have it that the final episodes are in work.

Hector decided to share the news with the fans and also shared the news of filming the last episode of Season 4 on Twitter. He was really excited about it and said that he can’t wait for the fans to watch the show. The other team members also posted about it and their excitement was pretty clear from it.

All about Lucifer Season 4 Plot

Lucifer Season 4
Credits: Daily Express

The theme of Lucifer Season 4 has been in talks for a while now. Tom Ellis (Lucifer) gave the most authentic updates about the show till now. Have a sneak peek in it!

The fans can expect an intense battle as Lucifer confirmed it himself in the season finale. So we will definitely get to see some action. At the moment, Lucifer is with Chloe but Eva might be back to ignite flames in his heart for her once again.

Things may get a little spicy and disastrous at the same time as Lucifer may end up cheating Chloe to get back with Eva.

Lucifer was also asked how he will do as a boyfriend. He said that the audience won’t be impressed much as he will turn out to be a bad one. So there is a huge possibility for the fans to see Chloe heart-broken.

The release date of the show will be out anytime soon.