Sadly, Lucifer Season 4 trailer hasn’t hit the web until now, although all of us have to try our best to make it happen since the last two months. There’s quite a lot to anticipate. It has been more than nine months since Tom Ellis and the rest of the incredible cast was on TV, and that’s a really long time to hold on.

The only thing that will be helping right now would be some kind of footage from Lucifer.

However, some trailers are better than the rest. There are many you’d still scream on even if you’re watching it for the second or third time. However, there are some you forget about completely. Now, where does Lucifer stand? Here are some suggestions that may make Lucifer better than what it is.

Four Things we want to see in Lucifer Season 4

1. Things between Chloe and Lucifer

1. Things between Chloe and Lucifer

All of us have to get an update on their relationship after the Devil Face reveal, which teases where they might go and where they are. Chloe might be wanting to take care of Lucifer being the Devil, but she might not be clean enough on the secrecy.

2. Eve in Lucifer

Eve in Lucifer

Inbar Lavi plays this character, and Lucifer wants to get some time to have her show off. We need a sense of how she looks like here and how she behaves and her history with Lucifer Morningstar.

3. Specific threats in Lucifer Season 4

Is Father Kinley, played by Graham McTavish on Lucifer intent on the protection of his own flock, and destined to become the Big Bad? Or could he just another baddie who goes on for a few episodes?

Lucifer may become more streamlined in the new 10-episode lineup on Netflix but this story still goes around cases. We hope the writers don’t really strip that away.

4. What makes this season of Lucifer stand out

What makes this season of Lucifer stand out

You may not be able to make things way too dark in the trailer. But why don’t you use this like a chance to showcase how the series will look on Netflix? Add some good humour, pushing Lucifer to its limits while still being the same old defies we loved.

This has to be an evolution and Netflix has given the series a chance to be devilish, in the best possible way.

The trailer of Lucifer Season 4 manages to engage hardcore fans and even had them watching. However, even if there wasn’t a trailer, many would still be watching it around the globe.