Lucifer Season 4 Spoilers

Lucifer Season 4 is about to air soon on Netflix. The fans can’t wait and are releasing one theory after the other. The viewers are expecting to see Lucifer’s father this time and they have started speculating who would do the role.

Lucifer Season 4 is set to release on Netflix later this year after it was cancelled by Fox. According to fan based theories, Lucifer’s father may return in the upcoming season. One of the Reddit users also asked the fellow fans if they would like to see Lucifer’s dad (Tom Ellis), also called God, in Season 4.

Lucifer Season 4 cast release date

The user posted,

Would anyone like to see ‘Dad’ drop by the penthouse in season four? And by ‘Dad’ I mean Steve Buscemi playing God in Miracle Workers (on TBS)!

The Reddit user continued saying that as Lucifer’s dad does not have a defined physical form, he can appear in any form. Tom Ellis would be the perfect cast to play the role of god in season 4.

While one fan would be happy to see Tom Ellis play the role, the other thinks Neil Gaiman would fit better in the role of God for Lucifer season 4 cast. Other fans seem to agree with him. The fans said that he has amazing voice and it would be perfect if he has some acting experience as well.

Author Neil Gaiman has voiced God in the finale episode of Lucifer season 3 titled “Once Upon A Time”. So there are chances that he may play the role if we get to see Lucifer’s dad in the next season. However, he doesn’t have much acting experience as he only appeared once in The Big Bang Theory.