Lucifer season 5 update and rumours

Lucifer Season 4 release date is likely to happen in the next couple of months and fans are as hopeful as they can be. But, there is also a general question to Lucifer’s survival in the upcoming season?

Fans have really high expectations from Lucifer Season 4. And since Netflix has already taken over the show, we can expect new conflicts and storylines. Although, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has cheated death a couple of times in the previous seasons, fans are brainstorming about how Lucifer could die.

But who knows, Netflix might create tough situations for the Lord of Hell.

Lucifer Season 4 Spoilers

Can Lucifer actually die?

In the previous seasons, Lucifer has clearly demonstrated that he cannot be killed easily. Human weapons such as knives and guns have no effect on him. But, a divine weapon created by God called the Flaming Sword was introduced in season 2. And after a lot of research, it was revealed that the sword could finish off any divine being.

After some episodes, the sword was destroyed by Lucifer. But, this opened up the possibility of Lucifer being in real danger. And who knows? There might be  some other weapon similar to the Flaming sword. There might be a collection of dangerous divine weapons.

Lucifer Season 4 Spoilers

Will Lucifer die in Lucifer Season 4?

On the other hand, Lucifer’s greatest threat/weakness is his love interest, Chloe Decker (Laura German). Chloe had proved in the very first episode that she is immune to Lucifer’s charm. But, her ‘powers’ have also grown since then.

Chloe has proved that Lucifer’s powers useless against all kinds of human harm. Obviously, this has created many problems. And this might be the crux of the story line of Lucifer Season 4.