LA Marathon 2019 Road Closure

The 34th annual Los Angeles Marathon (LA Marathon 2019) is all set to be one of the hottest events in LA. This is a city-tradition that has been going on for the past 34 years. The LA Marathon started off in 1986 after the success of the 1984 Olympics and hasn’t stopped since.

LA marathon 2019 date
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This marathon is a 26.219 miles long race. People from all the 50 US states as well as 63 countries will take part in the marathon. The race, which finishes at the Santa Monica Blvd. is officially sold out! Here are some key details:

LA Marathon 2019: Time and Date

The iconic Los Angeles Marathon takes place on the 24th of March. The event will be timed as follows:

Those in wheelchairs would start at 6:30 AM, followed by handcycles at 6:32 AM. Professional women will start next at 6:45 AM while professional men and the rest of field starts at 6:55 AM.

LA marathon 2019 date time route
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LA Marathon 2019: Road Closure and Route Info

Participants in the LA Marathon will run across the park and head down the Sunset Boulevard. From there, they will move to Chinatown and downtown and then to Little Tokyo. Then they take the northwestern route, heading along Angelino Heights, Echo Park, Silver Lake and Los Feliz.

LA Marathon 2019 Route Info
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From Los Feliz, the marathon moves towards Hollywood and West Hollywood areas. Then come the iconic Beverly Hills, Century City and Brentwood. Finally, the LA Marathon 2019 ends near the Santa Monica Pier.

All these roads will be closed but will eventually start opening up as the LA marathon 2019 comes to an end. Expect all roads to be opened up by 11:00 AM.