prince william and kate middleton

Kate Middleton and Prince William are celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary. But if rumours are to be believed, their marriage is on rocky ground. It appears that the two are consulting divorce lawyers because of rumours of William cheating that are driving Kate insane.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Divorce Rumours

Prince William and Kate Middleton divorceA gossip magazine recently revealed that Prince William has been cheating on Kate Middleton with their friend Rose Hanbury. When the Duchess of Cambridge came to know about this, she was furious with William and had a meltdown.

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Rumours have also suggested that Kate then confronted her husband. She had heated words with him about other offences that the media has not heard about yet. Prince William reportedly denied all of them.

Who is Rose Hanbury?

Prince William cheat Kate Middleton divorceAn anonymous source has said that Kate has previously heard about Rose Hanbury and that William has been interested in her for several years now. The source said that William calls her ‘the one that got away’. This is what allegedly pushed Kate to have a meltdown and hire lawyers to consult about custody of their children.

But the rumors do not seem to have any basis in truth, as the couple recently celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary with pomp and show. They also took to their Instagram account to thank their supporters for all the love they have received in the last 8 years.