iPhone X mini

Apple iPhone X Mini, the mythical successor to iPhone SE, could’ve been just the perfect device to fill the void which was left by the smaller and cheaper iPhone SE. However, that never happened.

Apple has always made an impact with each of its devices, yet it couldn’t make a successful mid-range iPhone. The production of iPhone SE, the cheapest Apple mobile was ended just after a year of its release.

Since then, the tech giant has made a lot of efforts in the direction of cheaper iPhones, but none of them seems to work.

Apple released iPhone X in 2017, but even when it was discontinued the next year, it was still way too expensive for most folks.

3 Variants of iPhone X were planned, out of which the smaller and cheaper iPhone X Mini never saw the light of the day. Apple has decided not to release the iPhone X Mini.

Why is Apple not releasing iPhone X Mini or iPhone SE 2?

iPhone X Mini iPhone SE 2 specs

Last year, a mobile case making company leaked information that Apple is working on 3 new phones. The report was based on the screen size, about 5-inches, 6.1-inches, and 6.5 inches. The rumored phones turned out to be iPhone XR(6.1-inches) and iPhone XS max(6.5 inches).

The smaller model which was supposed to be iPhone X Mini was never released. A lot of factors were responsible for the decision by Apple executives. Low sales of the other two models and the relaitvely lower profit margin in a cheaper iPhone (like the iPhone SE), made Cupertino to rethink their decision.

Apple’s Problems

iPhone X Mini iPhone SE 2 Problems

Cheaper doesn’t mean low quality, this is what Apple doesn’t seem to understand. While trying to lower the price of iPhone X Mini and make it a mid-range device, its built quality was reduced.

iPhone makers should have only reduced the screen size, but they also degraded the hardware chips. The screen quality was also downgraded and immersive 3D depth was gone.

Dual Camera was replaced by a single low MP camera compared to iPhone X. Test reviews found out that the phone had performance issues, it was overheating too. Along with negative feedback, there were a lot of problems with the smaller iPhone X Mini.

Future of iPhone X Mini

Future of iPhone X mini SE 2

The smaller iPhone would have been released a long time ago with other Variants of iPhone X. As of today, there are no plans to launch the mini iPhone. Apple is instead trying to invest in other ventures.

There have been reports that Apple is trying to launch iPhone SE 2, as the successor of the previous SE model. We will know surely about the next mid-range iPhone within the next few months. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more iPhone Updates and other news.