iPhone and 5G are a disaster

The 5G iPhone is being awaited by millions. Apple is always trying to do something new, but it is always late when it comes to a new type of technology. The first dual rear Camera phone was released by HTC in 2014. It took Apple 2 more years to come up with iPhone 7 plus having dual rear Camera.

Apple tries to perfect any new technology on the iPhone before it is available in the stores. 5G is the next evolution of phone network today. Other brands are adapting to it, but 5G seems to be a big problem for the iPhone.

What could go wrong with 5G iPhone 2020?

5G Apple iPhone 2020 release date

The sources at Bloomberg are saying that the impending change of network from 4G to 5G can create a big problem for iPhone 2020 makers. Apple is simply not ready for 5G, neither it has the proper technology nor proper time.

Apple lost the legal patent war with Qualcomm, the world’s biggest Modem supplying Company. This has forced Apple to resort to low-quality Intel Modems for their iPhones. The fastest 5G Spectrum will be out of reach for iPhone 2020 devices.

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Apple might not be lucky this time

Apple might not be that lucky

Last year’s Apple iPhones X, XR, XS were not much different from the previous models. Yet Apple somehow managed to stay in the market and made a profit. But the next versions iPhone 2020 may not have the same fate, Apple might not be lucky this time.

Apple’s approach of “later but better”, has worked previously. This time people will not wait, as soon as 5G phones are launched, they will have one. Earlier it was different, it was about performance, now it is about Internet Speed.

Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, Huawei, and others have already announced the launch of their 5G phones. Apple is yet not ready, it might take another year or more to have the first 5G iPhone.

How Apple’s 5G iPhone 2020 can be saved?

Apple iPhone 5G
Apple has always stayed at the top of their game with the launch of the latest iPhones. The tech giant is smart enough to adapt with the upcoming changes. There is already a lot of research going on 5G iPhones at Apple HQ.

Apple could launch a few medium range 5G iPhones so that it doesn’t fall behind in the race. In the meantime, they can develop a new 5G iPhone which can bring Apple back on the top.

The fate of 5G iPhone 2020 will be decided in the next few months, but until than 5G is very dangerous for iPhone makers. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more iPhone updates and other news.