The year 2019 is going to be the game changer in many aspects and it is evident that the introduction of 5G will be the stealer of the show this year. With the outcome of 5G, we can expect a smarter and lightening fast connectivity. Here we are going to focus on the already created buzz around the 5G Connectivity along with it’s evaluation.

What is 5G?

The perfect answer to this question is : ‘It is the future.

5G means smoother internet experience, faster speeds, more reliable connections and a lot more than we can imagine. It has enormous possibilities, and we can be sure that the impact will be significant to all of us. 5G extends in mmWave frequencies so; it can offer the high resolution, precise accuracy.

So how far can the mmWave can travel?

Well, this frequency is not capable of moving a long distance. And that’s why there is a massive need for more access points closer to each other. If everything goes accordingly, the day are near when each of us will own a 5G device!

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Wondering, what 5G devices will be there? Here is the full scoop!

Release Date For 5G Devices

The preparation of making a “Fast World” is already started. So, this year many 5G phones are going to be available in the market. Even, companies like Motorola, Xiaomi, Samsung have already announced the news of launching their first 5G set in the US. Sounds interesting, right?

Now take a look at the models of the phones with 5G Connectivity we are going to have in 2019.

Moto Z3 has impressive features like 5G Moto Mod, Mi Mix 3 is also a 5G supported set, Samsung Galaxy S10 as well as the upgraded version of OnePlus 7.

Not only these but also some other big companies like Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Nokia, Sony have said about their launching of 5G Devices.
Once all of the 5G connectivity supported mobiles come into the market, it is going to be a significant move in the history of Evolution of 5G Connectivity.

However, it’s time to know little more about the hardware setup of these 5G Connectivity supported devices.

5G Network uses qualcomm chipset
5G Smartphones Still Need a Few More Years to Become Popular. Credits – Wccf Tech

Hardware Setup in the 5G Connectivity Supported Mobiles

The new handsets are going to run the latest version of the Qualcomm Processor. As in the Snapdragon 855 Platform of Qualcomm processor is going to be in the 5G Connectivity supported mobiles. Along with that, these phones are going to use the X50 5G-capable modem.

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So, it’s obvious we are going to experience connectivity that speeds up to 5Gbps, which is actually 400 times faster than the present average speed of the 4G network.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the United State is leading nation in providing 5G network coverage. Cities like Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Louisville are ready for the 5G wireless connectivity.

5G Network and Technologies Used
5G multitier network architecture is the next generation of network technology. Credit – IEEE

Some other states are going to get the facilities soon. As the demonstration of 5G Network got a huge success. So, we can expect the 5G devices will also be welcomed with a big heart. Nevertheless, the providers will have to overcome considerable challenges concerning the infrastructure and cost to let the 5G connectivity become ubiquitous.

There are only a few cell towers in the US, which means that the carriers must be more creative and efficient in using physical space.
In addition to that 5G is becoming a competitive race not just among carriers within a region but also between the countries.

Like previous generations of internet connectivity, we can expect that the 5G will still be rolled out to major cities first.
So, we can say that the 5G network is going to play a vital role in transforming lives for the next generation!