Apple’s iOS 13 update is all set to bring in a number of improvements to the existing iOS 12 devices. However, at the moment, Apple has not made any official announcements as to what they plan to bring forward in this gen-next Operating System.

Let us take a closer look at everything that we know about iOS 13 so far: the release date, devices supported, features, etc:

iOS 13 supported devices
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iOS 13 Release Date

As to when the iOS 13 update would release, no one can say for sure apart from Apple! However, the first look at this gen-next update will be showcased at the WWDC 2019 event.

This event usually takes place in June. A beta version of this new iOS would then release in a few days. The final version is likely to come out after the new iPhone comes out later this year.

iOS 13 update when will it release
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What’s New in iOS 13?

One of the most popular features that is likely to make its way into iOS with this new update is the ‘dark mode’. This dark mode will be a system-wide upgrade which will invert the colours of everything that you see on the default iOS interface.

In addition to this, Apple is also likely to introduce new emojis, as well as better support for cross-platform applications. Stay tuned with us for more new features on iOS 13.

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iOS 13 Update whats new
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Will my iPhone get the iOS 13 update?

The biggest question now is: will your iPhone get the iOS 13 update? The answer to this depends on various factors that the Apple bigwigs decide. However, it is safe to assume that all iPhone devices from iPhone 7 and higher will get this update!