Intel confirmed that the customers would have to wait till 2020 for Intel 5G Modems. This also implies that Apple, the customer of the chip maker, won’t be able to launch the much-awaited 5G iPhone till then.

Intel 5G Modems: 5G Plans by Intel

According to sources, Intel will ship out Intel 5G modem samples to several manufacturers this year. But the handsets won’t enjoy this feature until next year. Intel’s General Manager and Senior Vice President Sandra Rivera revealed this during a media event held at Palo Alto, California.

Intel will ship out 5G modem samples to several manufacturers this year.
Credits: Tech Viral

Several previous reports state that Apple will release an iPhone with 5G feature in 2020 and not before that. The announcements made by both the companies are in alignment.

For those who are unaware, Intel modems are also used by the Cupertino brand. Apple has also contacted Media Tek and Samsung regarding the use of their 5G modems in their iPhone lineup this year. However, no specific details regarding the deal has been out yet.

To summarize things up, there is also a possibility of release of 5G iPhone by Apple if an agreement is reached between the companies. But if Apple continues its plans with Intel deal, then the customers would have to wait till next year for a 5G iPhone. This would give an advantage to their rivals.

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The ongoing legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm could also be the reason behind the delayed launch. Qualcomm refused to provide chips for Apple’s iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max.

Intel 5G Modems: Era of 5G

Apple’s rivals are already preparing to launch devices with 5G feature. Samsung recently unveiled its Galaxy S10 5G. Huawei and OnePlus are also among the other manufacturers involved in the game.