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Apple 5G phone expected by 2020


    Apple is expected to launch its first 5g phone by 2020 in collaboration with Intel when the technology will get matured. Other rivals are expected to launch their first 5G smart phones by 2019 but apple is not rushing to join them.

    Apple will be using an Intel 5G modem, 8161 in its batch of 2020 iPhones according to Fast Company.

    The chip might manufacturd using 10 nano-meter process. It is expected to be of very fast speed and efficient. Right now apple is using precursor 8060 chip as a prototype which is having some heating issues. As a result it is decreasing the battery life.

    The company is also taking help of MediaTek as a backup for supplying 5 g modems as a backup if Intel fails to keep its word.

    For apple fans it will be a bit bad news if they were hoping to see iPhone in the 5g race soon.

    Recently apple has rolled out is watch OS 5.1, but it is having some bugs for which the devices are facing bricking issues. Recent users who have updated their apple watch to the new software are facing the issue and they need to contact the Apple for service. Apple watch series 4 is in the top list of being affected by the update.

    The cost of Apple Watch Series 4 is around $399 which is about 28,700 INR roughly for GPS and non cellular variant. The watch with both GPS and cellular variant is costing around $499 which is about 35,900 INR.

    The new watch is a more comprehensive health device. It will be able to take an electrocardiogram to detect an irregular heartbeat. It has a feature that it will automatically place and emergency call if it finds its user falling down resulting is saving the life.

    Source – engadget, The Economic Times, DNA

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