iPhone SE 2 Release Date

Is Apple iPhone X Mini real? Depending on whom you ask, the answer to that question varies from a strong yes to a strict no.

Back in 2018, a popular Apple leaker informed the public that Apple could be working on a mini version of iPhone for which they even released a CAD image.

It should be noted that Olixar has a track record of very accurate predictions. They had correctly predicted about iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Note 8.

Olixar said that iPhone X Mini is being made and many popular publishing houses covered this news with prominence

iPhone X Mini was proclaimed to be a budget-friendly phone that was supposed to compete with other mid-range phones and budget-friendly market. However recent update suggests that Apple has junked the plan of iPhone X Mini.

iPhone X Mini

Apple iPhone X Mini

Apple is not going to launch iPhone X Mini but instead rumored to be working on iPhone SE 2.

If rumors are to be believed than iPhone SE 2 was supposed to enter the mass production phase in Q1 of 2018.

It is 2019 already and we haven’t heard any official news about iPhone SE 2 and there is no clear indication that if the iPhone SE 2’s development phase even started.

It can be fake news due to the constant running rumor mill.

A renowned industry analyst thinks that the reason for the delay is that Apple already used up all of its production resources because of three other iPhones.

Apple iPhone SE 2 Features: Rumored

There is no news about hardware specification of the iPhone SE 2.Popular theories suggest that iPhone SE 2 is going to sport a display similar to iPhone X complete with a notch, dual camera setup of iPhone X and no headphone jack.

BGR also reported about some sketches of reportedly of iPhone SE 2 .

iPhone SE 2

Now from the looks of these sketches and the size of the screen, it looks more like the previously touted iPhone X Mini.


Keeping in mind that brands like Huawei and OnePlus are already leading mid-range market and Apple is already missing out a huge market in India due to the prices of its phones.

Them abandoning the iPhone X Mini release in favor of a cheaper iPhone SE2  could be the right step in the right direction.