Apple iOS 13 iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 will come with iOS 13 onboard, and while most of the features the latest and greatest iOS so far are already known, some tech pundits believe that Apple may be hiding some tricks up its sleeve.

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Apple finally unveiled its latest and greatest iOS 13 at World Wide Developers Conference 2019. The newly released iOS packed some fan-favorite features like Dark Mode and new Animoji and other features like the new map, and improved security is also there.

However, many tech enthusiasts believe that several features are yet to come to iOS 13. According to a report of CNET, Apple has kept a lot of new features, a secret for their new iPhone 11.

Even though Apple did not announce these rumored features for iOS 13, we can predict them by looking at the leaks and rumors surrounding the iPhone 11.

iOS 13 with support for an improved Camera setup

The rumors and leaks surrounding the iPhone 11 hint towards a triple camera setup. This camera setup is housed in squircle camera bump that is being called stove top.

iPhone 11

Many reports claim that this triple camera setup would allow 10x Optical Zoom similar to Oppo. We expect that iOS 13 update will pack a newly designed Camera app to support this camera array.

Toggle to control Power share in iOS 13

Samsung’s latest flagship comes with a new feature that allows to juice up other smartphones with their new power delivery mechanism.

Apple iPhone 11 iOS 13 features

Users need to place their phone on the back of a Galaxy S10, and the phone starts to charge up until the battery hits the 30% mark.

Many reports have been hinting that Apple is working on something similar called Apple PowerShare. If this report is true, then iOS 13 will see an addition of a toggle to control PowerShare.

New and improved Siri in iOS 13

There is no doubt that Apple’s Siri is miles behind Google Assistant when it comes natural voice and finding answers.

Google Assistant vs Siri

However, we expect to see some significant upgrades in the voice processing capabilities of Siri on iOS 13 with Apple iPhone 11.

All these features that we talked about might make their way to iOS 13 when iPhone 11 arrives. Apple is known for hiding details till the right time, and we expect the same.